Czech Outdoor Activities Mountain Tour Mountain Trip River Trip Cycling Tour Water Trip
Ref. no. AS1
Price pr. person: 43.00 €
(Minimum 4 persons) March - Oct
Canoeing/Kayak/Raft - Hiking
We start by drifting down the beautiful river for around 8 km., then we will walk for about 4 km. to a viewpoint, on the way we will pass rock formation with small caves.
Ref. no. AS8
Price pr. person: 27.00 €
(Minimum 4 persons) March - Nov
Mountain adventure around Huskies
Spend a day around 20 great Huskies, make food on the campfire and practice some bow and arrow.
Ref. no. AS2
Price pr. person: 50.00 €
(Minimum 4 persons) April - Oct
Hike to stone gate and a gondola trip
If you never have seen the huge naturally stone gate or sailed through the small river in a gondola, then you definitely need to try this trip.