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Ref. No. CA2
Price per person: 35.00 €
(4 - 20 persons) March - Oct


You will go through a charming wilderness where you would have to go over, under and through thick and thin branches which are a part of the small stream, that are meandering through its beautiful scenery all the way.
The length can be from 7km to 37km all depends how fast you go, we will arrange with you where to pick you up.

Included in price:
Canoes, paddles and life jackets which we are delivering and picking up after the trip, transport back to car.

With guide
If you would like a guide for this event, an additional cost will be charged.
2 to 6 persons 77,50 €
An additional person 5,00 €

Meeting place: Barvířská 5, 471 24 Mimoň.
Meeting time: 10.00
Expected time: 6-7 hours
Length: From 7km to 37km

Recommended equipment to bring:
Rainwear, extra clothes in case you get wet, drinking water and food.